Monday, May 28, 2012


As another school year draws to a close, I sit and reflect on all the amazing accomplishments my students have achieved.  I am proud of all their hard work over the course of this year.  They have all shown both academic and social growth.  During summer vacation, I would like to encourage my students to have fun, and also read, write, and practice math concepts daily.  This will help them to continue to learn and stretch their brains during the summer months.  A few suggestions would be for them to read for pleasure daily, keep a journal documenting their summer adventures, and play math games on Renzulli learning.

I want to wish everyone a fun and restful summer.  See you next year!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food Drive

Help The Food Bank
How would you feel if you didn’t have any food? Here’s your chance to help someone less fortunate. Kimmel farm elementary is collecting food for the second Harvest Food Bank. You can bring in food from Oct.24-Nov.4. You can only bring in non-perishable items. (cereal, cans, Etc.) Kimmel Farm is also doing a contest for each grade level; if you win you get a popcorn party for your class. The food boxes are located in the lobby near the front office.

If you want more Information about the Food Bank you can go to hhp://\

Also, take a look at our commercial.

Food Drive commercial

Thank you in advance,

Mrs. Brodeur’s First Grade and Mrs. Mabe’s Fifth Grade Friends

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Year

     The third year at Kimmel Farm has begun, and I can't believe it.  It seems like just yesterday when I was helping to open the school.  I have grown a great deal in my technology abilities over the last several years, and I just keep learning. 
     The beginning of this new year has been busy, but I have a great new class that has caught on quickly to the first grade routine.  I feel like they have learned bunches already.  We spent the first several weeks learning procedures and routines, and now they are like old pros.  They know how to come into the classroom in the morning, unpack, and get ready for their day.  In reading, they have already learned what to do at literacy stations, and we started our stations last week.  I am pleased at how hard they are working when they go to their stations.  At each station, the students have several jobs to complete independently.  While they are working at their stations, I will be working with individual reading groups.  The students have also been learning math stations so that I can pull groups and work with students on a variety of math concepts.  In writing, we have begun our writer's workshop.  We begin each writing session with a mini lesson.  Each mini lesson focuses on a different aspect of writing.  We have also been conducting interviews where the students ask each other questions, and I write down what the student answers.  After our mini lessons in writing, the students have an opportunity to write independently in their journals.  In science, we have been learning about animals and their habitats.  In social studies, we have been learning about rules in our classroom, school, and communities.
     Our days seem to go by so quickly!  I know that it is going to be a fabulous first grade year. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Johnny Appleseed Day

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day was a fabulous adventure for my first grade class. We began the day by peeling some apples so we could make applesauce. A special thanks goes out to Hayden Lee's Mom for helping us get the apples peeled. We then read the story of Johnny Appleseed and the students shared their connections to the story. We have been working on making connections in reading. Ask your child to explain a text to self, text to text, and a text to world connection. Next for our nonfiction text, we read an applesauce recipe. Not only did we read the recipe, but we followed it at the same time. We also discussed the importance of following the directions in the recipe. Everyone agreed that they wanted the applesauce to taste delicious, and that it was important to make sure to add the sugar. After putting all the ingredients into the crock pot, we left the applesauce to cook. Later that morning, we tasted and described five different kinds of apples: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Gala, and Braeburn. After tasting and describing the apples, we graphed our favorite. Granny Smith and Golden Delicious tied as the student's favorite apples. Mrs. Brodeur's favorite, the Braeburn apple was considered yucky by most of the students! Oh well, more for me. During writing time, the students wrote about their Johnny Appleseed experience as they ate the YUMMY, SWEET applesauce. We all thoroughly enjoyed our special day. Thanks Johnny Chapman for planting apple trees!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cows visit the farm!

Two weeks ago, six cows visited our playground at Kimmel Farm Elementary. The students were amazed to see cows on their playground. This visit prompted a PBL that was real to life for the students. The problem I posed to them was as follows: The cows are on the playground. How can we help Mrs. Norwood get the cows back to the farm? After discussing the facts found in the problem and the students' need to knows, each student wrote down their solution to the problem. The next day, each student had the chance to share their solution with the class. After each student shared, the other students had an opportunity to critique the solution. They shared positives, as well as, problems with the students' solutions. As the sharing continued, it became evident to the class that they had more things that they needed to know. For example, what kind of food do the cows eat. As a group, we decided that we needed to talk to the farmer. I contacted Mr. Miller, the owner of the cows, and he is coming to visit our class sometime next week. I will let you know how the visit turns out.  The next question we have is how did the cows actually get back to the farm?  I can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jazz Pizzazz

WOW!  What a smart and creative first grade class we have.  Today we had a great break from testing when we had a PBL lesson called Jazz Pizzazz.  We went down to the music room and collaborated with Mr. York and Mr. Walker.  The problem that the students had to solve was as follows:  You are performing with American jazz artists Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Marian Anderson in a local concert. Jazz music is upbeat and often has repeating rhythm. How will you compose and perform your jazz selection. After I presented the problem, the class came up with the facts from the problem and the things that they needed to know.  Then, Mr. York worked with them on their need to know list.  He had them listen to some Duke Ellington music and pick out the beat and pattern in the music.  After discussing the beat and pattern of the music, the students worked together in small groups to compose and practice for their performance.  Last, they had a chance to present as a group their solution to the problem and perform their piece of music.  Listening to their ideas and performances was amazing.  The following are the group solutions:  put music in and play together in a,a,b pattern, make an A,A,B pat, pat, clap pattern, make a pattern with different instruments making a jazz beat, make an A, A, B, B, C pattern, and  pick our own instruments and make a beat  A, A, B, B! What amazing solutions to the problem.  I think we have some future musicians and mathematicians on our hands.  A special thanks goes out to Mr. York for his musical expertise; I couldn't have done it without him.  Also, a special thanks to Mr. Walker for helping me create the flipchart and typing in the students ideas.  Another special thanks to Mr. Carmichael for videoing the lesson. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Happenings

The students have been learning about different holidays over the past couple of weeks.  We studied the Jewish holiday Hannakah.  The students had fun eating potato lattkas and playing the dreidel game.  We also learned about Kwanzaa which is a week long celebration held in the United States honoring African heritage and culture.  This week, we are studying Christmas.  We have made wreaths and stockings.  Today, the students had the opportunity to visit the other classrooms to participate in a variety of activities.  In Mrs. Miller's room, they learned more about Hannakah.  In Mrs. Raiford's room, they wrote letters to Santa.  In Mrs. Foutty's room, they played the dreidel game.  In Mrs. Terreni's room, they talked about Los Posadas (Las Posadas (Spanish for "the inns") is a nine-day celebration .This celebration originates in Spain. It is a yearly tradition for many Catholic Mexicans and some other Latin Americans and symbolizes the trials which Mary and Joseph endured before finding a place to stay where Jesus could be born.  In our classroom, we learned about the legend of the candy cane.  Ask your children to tell you about the candy cane!  The students are also making a Christmas surprise for thier families!  Have a happy holiday.